Organizing, minimizing, renewing

The boys got me a beautiful new bed sets on Saturday.

It is a bit Middle Eastern or Asian in feel, with cream embroidery over black silk, rounded pillows and floral designs.

It’s beauty made the rest of my room feel chaotic, shabby and cluttered.

I needed to organize, to minimize.

I had started this process a few months ago.

Spring had given me that yearly push to clean.

I began filing paper into my newly purchased brown accordion organizer, and I realized what the last two years have cost me.

I had avoided this because it reminded me.

Two years worth of documents, worth of orders, worth of striving for every detail to be perfect and never ever achieving it.

The culmination of a decade not adding up simply because I was present and someone else was not.

Now, finally now after a winter of unwinding, breathing, being still, and letting go I find I can finally file through the archeological dig of my room.

Organizing, minimizing, renewing.

Setting the orders, the documentation, the bills and the letters into place.

Throwing away, dusting off, lining up and and beautifying.

Now, finally now, I can maintain this room.

My room.


One thought on “Organizing, minimizing, renewing

  1. Kudos on tackling the mess! It is easy to let a junk drawer turn into a junk room if we’re not careful. 🙂

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