It’s Friday! May 17th, 2013

It’s the time of the year where it feels like we have reached the peak which is spring on Alaska’s roller-coaster of seasons and are staring down at stomach turning drop that we Alaskans call summer. Things are going to speed up to a whirlwind pace. Long hours of daylight, construction, gardening, and the mad rush to get everything done in a few short months. It’s hard to remember to take time to enjoy the most beautiful state in all it’s summer glory.

First this week, let me say congratulations to Cedrick who is graduating today from 8th grade! He made it all the way through middle school and now is on his way to the big new world of high school.

Drink of the Week:

It’s like Hawaii in a bottle. Flavorful but not too heavy, a little hopsy at the front end but with a sugar cane back flavor that is just sweet enough to cancel out any bitterness.

Friday pics 002

Meal of the Week:
Usually (well, never actually) I don’t eat lamb, but we didn’t purchase this beautiful rack of lamb, so I felt like I had to eat it or I would be wasting it. Patrick made this delicious meal with a rack of lamb, baked potatoes and roasted asparagus. Yum!
Friday pics 001

Song of the Week:

This song got me through a hard time this winter. It’s just the right mix of hopeful and angry. Love it!

TV Show of the Week:

Little Mosque on Hulu. Hilarious show about a Mosque in the Canadian Prairie. An excellent and funny reminder of how a lot of things about religion are universal and how much we are alike regardless of our beliefs.


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