Top Ten Things That I Believe about Facebook

10. If it says “Share this”, I’m not going to share it.
9. If it says “Like this”, I’m not going to like it.
8. Please don’t invite me to play games with you or give me 60 sheep for Farmville or ask me to help you raid the Huns. Not gonna happen.
7. If you take sixty pictures of your kids in one day, post them in an album. Do not put them individually on the news feed. It slows down the whole system and unless you are very close to me, I don’t necessarily want to see 60 pictures of your kid all at once.
6. Yes, you have the right to your political opinion, but please don’t share 50 photo shopped “posters” of the president on the news feed all at once. It is not going to change anyone’s opinion and it gums up the news feed. Consider an album. You can even title it “Ridiculous Photo Shopped Pictures of the President”. Added to this, don’t mock people who like to see kitty or baby pictures instead of posting politics all the time. Kittens are much cuter than politicians.
5. Everyone needs to vent sometimes, but if every one of your posts is about how awful your life is maybe you should consider counseling and not just rely on your friends on Facebook for free therapy.
4. If I don’t know you, don’t friend me. I’m not going to accept. Why would I want to know about Francine Stewart in New Hampshire’s day when I can barely keep track of my “real” friend’s lives?
3. If you are continually saying incredibly hateful things toward any group, I’m probably going to block myself from seeing your feed for my own emotional health. If you continue to comment self righteous close minded things on my posts, I’m probably going to block you from seeing my feed.
2. You and your spouse are two separate people with different interests and opinions (hopefully!). Get two separate Facebooks. If you want to ensure transparency between the two of you, share your password with each other. It creeps me out when I think your husband just complemented my pedicure and is asking where he can get a similar one done.
1. If you post “Re-post this if you love Jesus, and if you don’t you’re going to hell because you are denying him” I’m pretty much going to de-friend you. First, because of #10 on the list. Second, because you’re using guilt to try to manipulate your whole friend base. Third, because that’s just bad theology.

What are some things you believe about Facebook?


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