It’s Friday! May 31, 2013

Drink of the Week:

Nickle Back Apple Jack

Much better than the band by the same name, this apple jack is like drinking a crisp, sweet, cinnamony apple pie. Distilled in our newly found local distillery High Mark, in Sterling, this sweet drink packs a punch in your choice of either 36, 45 or 60 proof alcohol.

Group Project of the Week:

A perfect example of the group projects I blogged about earlier this week; we tore out the old carpet in one of our living rooms and painted the dingy white, fireplace smoked stained walls, a calm beige.

painting 2.aspx

Bummer  of the Week:

When we  pulled out our old carpet and were planning on putting in laminate, what we found under the the rug wasn’t plywood like we expected, but instead it was particle board which we couldn’t lay the laminate on. We were forced  back to carpet.

Redeeming the Bummer of the Week:

After searching through more expensive options at the big box store, we shopped local and found a gorgeous carpet that went better with our paint colors, was cheaper, and was made out of recycled Coke bottles. How cool is that! Plus, Kitten totally approves. What a great reminder to shop local.

Kitten approves.aspx

Song of the Week:
Alison Krauss with “When You Say Nothing at All”. Last Friday was a pretty sad day and this is what was playing when I got home. It reminded me how much I love her timeless sound.


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