Benefits of Living in Community: A Talented Group


I haven’t been to a hair salon in about five years. Still, I have one of the best hairstylist in town who cuts my hair regularly and even dyes it.  I’m very lucky. It’s one of the many benefits of living in community. We have more talents, skills, and resources than a traditional home.

The abundance of skills became apparent this week while we were redecorating our living room. Denise has a natural eye for home decorating and chose a beautiful palette of paint and carpet colors. When we ran into problem after problem with the ridiculous way the house was put together, Mike solved the puzzle of why the dishwasher and garbage disposal quit working mid project (something to do with the appliances being plugged into an extension cord instead of hard wired in.  Seriously, this house has some issues!) and Patrick took over placing and minimizing the decorations to make a cleaner looking living room.

Besides just home renovating, my housemates have an abundance of talents, skills, and resources we all benefit from. Patrick is the fastest filleter of fish on the Kenai Peninsula, he makes gorgeous perfect furniture, he brews delicious beer, and makes some of the most elaborate recipes such as his chocolate chip cookies, lasagna, and Thai food. If I have a question regarding music, current events, or meat, I ask him.

Denise is amazing at home decorating, consistent parenting, organizing and motivating our household, and makes the best comfort food such as meatloaf and scalloped potatoes, potpie, and baked macaroni and cheese. If I have a question regarding current styles, interesting blogs, or healthy family dynamics, I ask her.

Mike is a natural problem solver, social net-worker, and amazing glazier. He makes some of the best steak I have ever tasted, awesome biscuits and gravy and potato salad. If I have a question regarding math, selling cars, or how to smooth over a socially awkward situation, I ask him.

There are  hundreds more talents and abilities these three have that make our live run smoother and enrich us, saving us money time and headaches of not quite knowing how to correctly get something done.


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