It’s a Good Day!

It’s a beautiful hot summer day in Alaska.
The DOMA was repealed.
I’m cooking tilapia for dinner and having a beer out on the deck.
So, in honor of this good day and because I really don’t feel like getting riled up by something today, I’m going to have fun instead. I love TV sitcoms and I get made fun of it a fair amount, so without further ado I present:
Full House
That 70’s Show
Will and Grace
New Girl
King of Queens
Everybody Loves Raymond
3rd Rock from the Sun
Arrested Development
Golden Girls
The Big Bang Theory
Three’s Company
Boy Meets World
The Cosby Show
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
How I Met Your Mother
Raising Hope
The Nanny
The Odd Couple

Apparently sitcom writers have found that paring people in unusally living arrangements can be quite funny. Maybe that is why we laugh so much at our house.
What shows have I missed and what is your favorite comedic quandary that occurs in a sitcom because of the character’s living arrangement?


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