It’s Friday! July 12, 2013

Drink of the Week:

Celestial Seasonings Iced Tea with Raspberry Zinger, True Blueberry, and Peppermint this refreshing summer drink is great for those forgoing both alcohol and caffeine (forgoing caffeine is something I refer to as the 7th level of hell).

Blog of the Week:

The Day I Ate 6 Cheese Buns (and Wanted to Lie About It) by Tina Francis. She so eloquently describes the struggle we all have in one way or another to fill a need with something that does not satisfy.

Picture of the Week:

Yeah. This is also what happens when my husband “drives” my sewing machine like he is racing his Audi. He asked why they put gas pedals on sewing machines if your are expected to “drive” it slowly.

2013-07-07 21.50.41

Book of the Week:

Stolen Innocence: My story of Growing up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs by Elissa Wall with Lisa Pulizer. It’s intriguing autobiography of the girl who testified against Warren Jeffs because he forced her into an unwanted marriage with her 20-year-old first cousin when she was only 14.

Song of the Week:

I liked Crossfire by Brandon Flowers before I saw the video, but I love it now. Seriously Charlize Theron as the heroine getting Brandon Flowers out of all those scrapes is just awesome. Even more awesome is his smile every time she rescues him.


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