It’s Friday! July 19, 2013

Summer is in full swing, the roller coaster of crazy business is halfway down the drop and we are all wondering if we are going to survive but still waving our hands above our heads and enjoying the crazy adrenaline rush (where the metaphor falls apart is that I detest roller coasters and would be screaming with sheer terror and holding on for dear life, but that has nothing really to do with this summer which I am really enjoying).

This month we  are getting to see a lot of friends and family and have made good use of Denise’s birthday gift, a  patio furniture set, by eating outside in the sunshine. I was reminded once again what an amazing place that I am blessed to live while eating a meal consisting of a fresh caught salmon, sipping an Alaskan Amber, eating a Palmer grown baked potato and  a scrumptious cake made from home grown rhubarb. Eating locally = eating deliciously!

Drink of the Week:

Shock Top Belgian White

I took a chance and just grabbed a twelve pack of this at the store because it was on sale and I hadn’t tried it. It’s pretty good and not too flavored with just hints of citrus.

Activity of the Week:

The fish are in! Here are some beautiful fish Denise caught and Patrick is filleting. We have been having loads of fun down on the Kenai River with friends and family.

patrick filleting

Blog of the Week:

Modesty Culture and the Fear of the Confident Woman by Dianna E. Anderson a superb feminist blogger who describes with such clarity topics of abuse, privilege and sexual ethics. Although I don’t always fully agree with her, she continually challenges me to think.

Song of the Week:

Steal My Sunshine by Len. This band’s one hit came out the spring of 1999, the year I graduated and always reminds me of summer and being young.


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