It’s Friday! July 26, 2013

It’s been a great week! I caught my first salmon and we got to visit with lots of friends and family. It’s been super busy but also very fun and I am grateful for our chance to spend time with those we don’t get to see very often. In case you missed it, here’s a picture of me with my salmon. I a super proud of it and I actually caught another one this week. Incidentally, if I put all of Cedrick’s pictures of the fish he caught, there would be at least 18 pictures on here!
2013-07-20 19.58.48

Drink of the Week:

Spring Harvest Wine by Bear Creek  Winery.  Bear Creek is a local winery in Homer where they offer wine tasting. They have some of the very best wines I have ever tasted. This particular wine includes local Rhubarb.
Blogs of the Week:
I couldn’t choose which of these two blogs I liked better, so I didn’t. Both of these are excellent!

White Privilege and What We’re Supposed to Do About It at Rage Against the Minivan

In Which I Choose to Be a Feminist the Way Jesus Would Be a Feminist by Sarah Bessey

Best Opportunity to Help Stop Sex Trafficking of the Week:

The Big Ask: How Can I Help Fight Human Trafficking and Slavery

Also, check Jamie out. She’s hysterically funny, self effacing, and  wise, a rare combination.

Song of the Week:

Grace is Gone by Dave Matthews. Such a lovely song.


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