Why We Still Need Feminism

When I bring up that I am a feminist, a lot of people comment that feminism is outdated and no longer relavent. It’s true that women in this country have made huge gains in the last hundred years. Women can now vote, own property, get an equal education, and can be in just about every occupation, so people ask why do we still need feminism?

Here are ten reasons why feminism is still needed today:

  1. St. Paul  greets Junia as an apostle, however, in the middle ages, Giles of Rome changed her name to a male name, under the assumption that a woman couldn’t be an apostle. Although this error is well known, the masculinized name Junias still appears in the American Standard Version and the Message. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junia;
  2. In the United States, women make 77 cents on the dollar compared to what men make. Even if life choices are taken into account (often dictated by socialized gender norms such as taking time off to raise children), women only earn 91 cents for every dollar a man makes.
  3. 30% of female homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner (compared to 5% of male homicide victims). http://www.nij.gov/topics/crime/intimate-partner-violence/measuring.htm
  4. Out of every 100 adult women who reside in the state of Alaska, 48% experienced intimate partner violence, 37% experienced sexual violence and 59% experienced intimate partner violence, sexual  violence or both (that’s most of us!)                                         http://justice.uaa.alaska.edu/research/2010/1004.avs_2010/1004.07a.statewide_summary.pdf
  5. Though a little over half the population is female, we have never had a female president and though we have record numbers of women in congress, only 78 out of 435 (about 18%) members of the House of Representatives are women and only 20 out of 100 ( 20%) members of the Senate are women.
  6. When a 15 year old girl stood up for the right of girls to get an education, the Taliban shot her.http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/12/19432997-malala-yousafzai-being-shot-by-taliban-made-me-stronger?lite
  7. Because this happens way too much:

Found at Sociological Images: Individual vs. Group Attribution by Lisa Wade, Ph.D

8. When Pheobe is called a deacon in Romans 16:1, the Lexham English Bible, King James Version, and New American Standard Version translates the word “diakonon” as servant here simply because she is a woman but they translated it deacon when referring to men. http://abandonimage.blogspot.com/2008/07/phoebe-deacon-of-early-church.htm

9. The Pope, who I usually like  says that he wouldn’t judge a gay priest, which is great, but closed the door to women as priests, which is not so great. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2013/07/29/pope-says-ban-on-women-priests-to-remain/2595365/

10. When someone is called a cunt it is perceived as far worse than being called a dick


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