It’s Friday! August 9, 2013

It’s back to normal summer in Alaska weather. August is usually rainy and windy, winding down for our long winter. We have had a torrential downpour this week, instantly flooding our culvert and today it’s blustery and rainy, a reminder that fall is coming and school is going to start in less than two weeks.

Drink of the Week:
Cupcake Merlot
My brother came over and we shared a bottle of this deep red wine with gourmet cheese, bread, grapes, and vegetables. The wine went perfectly with the food. It was also very good to see Joshua!

Blog of the Week:
I found this over at Rage Against the Minivan. It made me cry with both the stark honesty and the hope.

What I Want You to Know: Loving a Drug Addicted Brother

TV Show of the Week:
New Girl is on Netflix inspiring a weeklong marathon of sympathising with the roommate drama and the adorkableness of Jess. I love that entertainment is now geared toward my age group. I get all the cultural references, music choices, and humor. It’s awesome.

Song of the Week:
Mumford and Son’s Hopeless Wanderer
This is unspeakably awesome!


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