It’s Friday! August 16, 2013

Drink of the Week:

Layer Cake Malbec, made in Mendoza Argentina

I grabbed this bottle of dark red wine on a whim based on the chocolate layer cake featured on the bottle. It ended up to be an excellent choice. Rich, smooth, and strongly flavorful it pared well with the Cheetos I had with the first glass and the BLT I had with the third.

Blog of the Week:

Alise Wright guest post over at Rachel Held Evans  Not “Just Friends- Thoughts on cross-sex friendships

Very thought-provoking post on male/female friendships. I have some excellent friendships with males and have always hated the lines in “Harry Met Sally” that men and women cannot be friends but unfortunately they are often believed as gospel truth .

Community Activity of the Week:

Kenai Peninsula Third Annual Beer Fest!

I got to sample about 14 different beers at this spectacular event. I also got to eat a fabulous pork taco from Apothecary’s from Homer way and a very good pretzel from Charlotte’s here in Kenai.

Here’s me adding to the chalk art.

2013-08-10 20.33.58

Here’s a bonus picture of me posing with someone who looks really like Richard in Carolyn in the City. I don’t think he knew we were taking the picture.

2013-08-10 21.44.54

Song of the Week:

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here by She & Him

Zooey Deschanel is just so flippin’ adorable and I am pretty sure I would also launch myself over the counter if Joseph Gordon-Levitt  was robbing me.


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