September Art: Joshua Veldstra -Of Elenyë and Salgrin

Joshua Veldstra's Photography

Of Elenyë and Salgrin by Joshua Veldstra’s Photography

Photographer: Joshua Veldstra from Homer, AK. Check him out at his website or Facebook
Model: Katie Sullivan
Hair and Makeup; Rachel Coe
Concept and Styling: Nicole Luchaco
Pyrotechnics: Noah Douglas

Every day in September I will be featuring art from readers. Send me a picture, document, or video of something you created to

Some examples of items you could send are

  • drawings
  • paintings
  • photography
  • poetry
  • short creative writing
  • fashion designs,
  • make-up art
  • jewelry you created
  • videos of songs you composed
  • pictures of meals you have cooked

The sky is the limit. Whatever entry gets the most views in the month will receive a small prize from me, but the point of this month is to celebrate the art we all create. I will credit you and if you have a business, I will link your website with your art.


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