September Art: Jessica Veldstra- Poetry “Being Still”

Being Still 

Sometimes being still is the hardest thing to be.

To stop scrambling for perfection.

To stop covering your ass.

To let go of guilt.

To be.

Acknowledging that you have done everything you can do.

You have provided stability.




Understanding that if you do anything more it will be enabling.

Of further abusive behavior.

Of manipulation.

Of histrionics.

Of crisis.

Accepting that all the expectations will, for now, fall flat.

But for now, the healthiest thing for you, for them, is to be still.

You have offered reconciliation.

You have it in the palm of your open hand.

All you can do is be still and hope someday, this gift of reconciliation is accepted.

Every day in September I will be featuring art from readers (or myself if nothing was submitted that day-so submit items!). Send me a picture, document, or video of something you created to

Some examples of items you could send are
•short creative writing
•fashion designs
•make-up art
•jewelry you created
•videos of songs you composed
•pictures of meals you have cooked

The sky is the limit. Whatever entry gets the most views in the month will receive a small prize from me, but the point of this month is to celebrate the art we all create. I will credit you and if you have a business, I will link your website with your art.


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