It’s Friday! September 20, 2013

Jessica Veldstra-Butterfly in Colored Pencil
Drink of the Week:

Gin and Tonic- we had a friend make us these on Sunday with New Amsterdam Gin, Fentiman’s Tonic Water and a slice of lime. Delicious.

Blog of the Week:
I have been loving reading the five part series The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory by Geoff Holsclaw as someone who knew all this stuff about church history but have somehow forgotten in the blog wars, John Pipers and Mark Driscolls and as someone who attends a Wesleyan Church, I love the reminder that Evangelicalism started out with an emphasis on Feminism and Abolitionism. Where have we lost our reforming zeal? Here is Part Three but I would recommend reading the whole series as it comes out.

Activity of the Week:
Wallyball. What can I say about it. Terrifying at first, but mostly because the last time I played anything resembling volly-ball, I was in high school gym class. Adult women are so much more forgiving, encouraging and nicer than high school boys. It ended up being a blast and I don’t think I have had so much fun making an absolute fool out of myself for a really long time. I also don’t think I have ever had this many bruises on my right arm.

Song of the Week:
Let Her Go by Passenger has been a favorite in our house these days.


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