One Thing

Everyone knows that once a boy hits puberty, his hormones start flowing and he only wants one thing.
This doesn’t hurt the boy’s feelings, of course, or make him question his own integrity or self-worth, because he only wants one thing. Feelings about the injustice of this dismissal of his character or the unfairness of this stereotype don’t enter his head, because you see, he only wants one thing.
Young men can’t possibly want to change the world, obtain an education, get a car, travel the world, talk to interesting people, or enjoy nature. They are too busy thinking about one thing.
They aren’t of course obsessed with the mundane like a worrying about a pimple, longing for pizza or Twinkies, groaning inwardly about the English homework, or avoiding taking out the garbage because that one thing takes up all of their mental space.
They don’t care when a friend whispers that there parent hits them, or worry that their classmate is bullied, or stress about the possibility of being drafted in a world at war, because they are only concerned about the one thing.
Of course we don’t care about boys who are asexual (or GTBQ) because they don’t play into our worldview at all, and telling them that they should only want one thing couldn’t possibly belittle or marginalize them.
We use this as a warning, to tell our daughters “beware, don’t fall for it, you know boys only want one thing!”
Of course we dismiss that if a girl really believes that and wants to attract a boy’s attention, what is the one thing that she could use to win his affection?
It’s also a really handy excuse for bad behavior. After all, it wasn’t really rape. Boys will be boys. They can’t help that they only want one thing and she should have known that and not attended the party, wear that dress, drink alcohol, or have been born a female.
Of course, this is all sarcasm. But it goes to show, that when we reduce anyone to one thing, it hurts us all, doesn’t it?


One thought on “One Thing

  1. Good one, I grew up in the era where rape was almost always blamed on the girl. If she had been dressed more conservatively it would not have happened, she was just asking for trouble. I bristled at that mentality in the 50s as much as I bristle at it today.

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