It’s Friday! October 25, 2013

Drink of the Week:

Due to starting a new round of  being in The Game On Diet, I haven’t drank anything new or interesting this week. Patrick has a few growlers ready to fill though, so I should be able to try something on my day off tomorrow.

Blog of the Week:

Altars: A Syncroblog Post–  It’s amazing how similar this blogger’s experiences are to mine in child hood and high school down to the altar color, what the church lights looked like, and the Rebecca St. James Christmas CD, which I still listen to every Christmas. She writes so beautifully about such fear, guilt, and uncertainty but beautifully shows the redemption of her story at the end.  

Hero of the Week:

Jennifer Haselberger who is a lawyer who took on the Catholic Church when they weren’t doing enough to stop sexual predators. See her story here.

Song of the Week:

Lightening Crashes by Live. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one yet! It’s one of my all time favorite songs.


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