The Lies We’ve Been Taught


My week off the blog has unintentionally stretched to two. A combination of trying to catch up with work, a busy schedule at home due to Cedrick injuring his knee (Again!), fostering a puppy, and  a little bit of writer’s block have kept me from publishing. I hope this week is better!

What I want to explore this month is the topic of lies and half-truths we have been taught and have believed and have negatively affected us. I was thinking about this topic as I was reading  the excellent blogs How I Became a Jesus Feminist and I Am Not a Sex Fueled Robot  by Micah Murray and saw how lies he had been taught, ironically by reading marriage self-help books, actually harmed his marriage.

The first two lies and half truths he mentioned. The others either I have been taught in my own life or have seen other people taught.

Men want to be respected; women want to be cherished/loved.

Men give love to get sex; women give sex to get love.

Whenever two or more are gathered, God is with them.

The wife is responsible for the emotional atmosphere of the home.

People are poor because they are lazy.

God will never give you more than you can handle.

The husband may be the head of the household, but the wife is the neck and she turns the head.

Men think about sex every fifteen seconds.

Men are logical; women are emotional.

This month I will be exploring some of these lies, but I would also love to learn from readers. What lies have you been taught, what you have discovered to be true, and how you have overcome what you have been taught in the past.


One thought on “The Lies We’ve Been Taught

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