It’s Friday! November 29, 2013

Drink of the Week:

Alaska Winter Ale

Brewed with spruce tips, this beer recalls the aroma of walking through the snow in the winter and smelling the spruce trees. It’s less sweet than their Amber and the spruce replaces of the taste of hops, which to me, makes it more enjoyable.

Blog of the Week:

When friends of mine posted 20 Things that the Rich Do Every Day, I was both skeptical and disgusted. I was skeptical  because the statistics had no sources and just because things correlate doesn’t imply causation. For example, one of the things that the rich were said to do was listen to audio books on their way to work. Well, I would love to do that, but my CD player in my car doesn’t work. Maybe rich people can also buy cars with CD players that function as well as enough audio books to listen to on their commute. It also seemed to imply that if poor people would just make their kids read non-fiction books and read books about investing  and watched less TV and ate less junk food, they too could be rich. The implication is that the poor are lazy and just need to pull themselves up. As someone who has lived below the poverty level for a good portion of my life, I know that the poorer I am, the more I work, the more creative I have to be, and the busier I am. When I have more money, I don’t have to work as hard, I have more time to read, bake healthy meals, and exercise. I also know that I am wealthy compared to most of the rest of the world simply because I was lucky enough to be born in the U.S.A. A lot of the world has no opportunity to make almost any advancement for themselves when it comes to economics, simply because of where they were born. 

Also, I believe that just because it is the “American Dream” to have money, it should not be the Christian’s goal in life. Preston Yancey wrote this beautiful piece about people who are truly rich: When These Are 20 Things that the “Rich” Do Every Day

Activity of the Week:

Small Business Saturday! A group of friends and I are going to hit a bunch of small businesses this Saturday to do some Christmas and personal shopping. I am looking forward to finding unique gifts that I can’t find in the big box stores, supporting our local economy, and meeting the business owners that work so hard to bring us great services and products!

Song of the Week:

Royals by Lorde. She is making history by being one of the only females to be on Billbord’s Alternative #1 spot and first New Zealander to have a number one song. All that and she’s only 17 and has awesome hair.


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