It’s Friday! December 13, 2013

Drink of the Week:


Cranberry Mojito
A dear friend made these festive Christmas drinks at a recent get together and she was also kind enough to be a hand model and hold it for the picture. This is a rum based drink with cranberries, lime, mint, sugar, and club soda.

Documentary of the Week:
Miss Representation
This documentary was recommended to us and it was a facinating, eye opening, and sometimes shocking look at how women are portrayed in the media. One of the thoughts I had after watching it was that it was not a surprise that we do not have a female president because most women wouldn’t want to put up with the media’s harassment, no matter their political or personal style. I hope during the next election there are brave powerful women that we can vote for.

Blog of the Week:

Let’s Talk Aout S-E-X, Women, Porn, and the Real World

Ok, so Dianna Anderson wrote this last month, but I found it this week. She states things that I have been muddling through in such a clear, direct way. Although, I don’t agree with everything she says, I at least can think clearly about the subject. I think shame is a big cause of addiction. It’s hard to think of any addiction that isn’t hidden away. If we can talk honestly, openly, and maturely about sex, masturbation, and even porn, we can come to a much healthier place as a church. 

Song of the Week:
REM & Neil Young – Country Feedback
A soul achingly sad song, even with all the cryptic lyric, it seems incredibly honest.


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