It’s Friday! December 20, 2013

Drink of the Week:
Spiced Wine
A friend of mine brought this warmed drink to two get togethers this week and it was a huge hit. It is made with a simple syrup, cranberries or oranges, and spices.

Blog of the Week:

The Fall of Christmas  by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. She speaks with both humor and honesty to those who are having a difficult time this Christmas.

Small Christmas Miracle of the Week:

I wen to the Kenai Post Office yesterday, thinking I was going to spend my entire lunch hour waiting in line. Instead there was only two people a head of me, both being helped and one of the workers was Santa. I should of taken his picture, because seriously, white beard, red hat, jolly- I have heard all the descriptions. It was Santa.

Song of the Week:
Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (Cohen’s version is very good too, but you have to appreciate a very slow tempo).


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