It’s Friday! December 27, 2013

Drink of the Week :
Hot Spiced Cider
This drink came about somewhat accidentally when the lambswool we were making for our wassail didn’t turn out, but the spiced cider without the apples was so delicious we made it twice. It’s made of hot apple cider, hard cider, spices, and brandy, perfect for the holidays.

Holiday Treat of the Week:

I was shopping at Safeway at the beginning of the week and they didn’t have the usual 7 Bone in roasts that I use for making bitterballen, a Dutch meat ball type treat my family eats on Christmas Eve. There was a choice between a 1.5 lb roast and a 5lb roast. I couldn’t decide which to get, so despite some helpful advice to the contrary (you were right Patrick), I picked up the 5lb roast. When I got home, I realized the recipe called for .5 lbs of meat for 30-40 balls. So I multiplied the recipe by ten. I also got to try them with Gin, which is traditional and also quite strong.  Good thing we had a lot of balls.


Here’s a picture of just a few of them.

Blog of the Week :

Jennie Allen with Christians: What Are We Really Afraid Of?  I really think that Allen hit the nail on the head when she asks Christians why we are so afraid of persecution (which she points out the Duck Dynasty debacle definitely was not) or even being the minority in this country. While I don’t agree with the impication that homosexuality or gay rights in any way endangers Christianity or morality, I know that others do, but calling it persecution is an insult to people around the world who are persecuted for their releigious beliefs and as Christians we are not to be led by a spirit of fear of the future.

Song of the Week:

Dave Matthews with My Grace is Gone, one of my favorite songs by him.


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