It’s Friday! Janurary 3, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ok, I know, you all are probably over the whole Christmas thing by now, but in our little family due to having a UPS driver, a small business owner, and a butcher, Christmas is an incredibly busy time, so we put off our celebration until January every year. I am looking forward to a beautiful Christmas morning tomorrow with the family.

Drink of the Week:

Eggnog and Spiced Rum

Even though it has enough calories to be a meal, I have enjoyed several of these drinks over the holidays, but unfortunately, now the rum is gone.

Blog of the Week:

Chronically Single by my friend Kate Jefferson. It was a cute, light hearted look at the single life . It is also important to remember that singles are vital part of the body of Christ and they shouldn’t be excluded or made to feel less than married couples.

Facebook Discussion of the Week:

Whether or not people are responsible for making other’s stumble by the way they dress. Between the blog I posted by Dianne E. Anderson Short Skirts, Mean Girls, and Yoga Pants: Modesty As Objectification and my own blog Jesus, Paul, Modesty, and Personal Responsibility  the discussion garnered 51  comments on my site and another 17 on a friend who disagreed with me and shared it to see what other people thought, and is the third most popular post I have written so far.   My own view is that women are 100% responsible for their own motivations and actions but 0% responsible for other people’s thoughts and actions and when we judge people based on what they wear, we are objectifying them.

Song of the Week:

Pompeii by Batille

Mike introduced this fun little video and song to us today. It’s great!


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