It’s Friday! January 10, 2014

Drink of the Week:

Rex Goliath Chardonnay

I’m not usually a huge fan of white wine, but I have enjoyed sipping this over the last week.

Blog of the Week:

This blog was so cute and made me laugh so I had to share. To Thine Own Underwear Be True by Dulce over at a Deeper Story

Book of the Week:

Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays vs. Christians Debate by Justine Lee. I had read blogs here and there by Justin Lee and had read reviews of this book so I knew a bit about his story of being a good evangelical boy in the Bible belt who finds himself attracted only to other men. He prayed daily for God to take his attractions away and joins an ex-gay ministry, only to find that ex-gay meant that the members had only changed their behaviors not their attractions. He had always been celibate, but found that most of the church still didn’t accept or support him, and instead told him “don’t be gay”. On the other end of the spectrum, he didn’t fit in with the people he thought were in the gay community, such as the people he had seen in the PRIDE parades or in clubs. He still didn’t have answers to how he should live as a gay Christian. He knew that Christ always came first in his life but he also knew he couldn’t choose who he was attracted to (none of us can). He studied the Bible carefully, joined both LGBT clubs and Christian clubs and realized that he had to create a support group for LGBT Christians who found themselves in the middle of the cultural “war” between Christians and Gays.

What I didn’t expect from this book was the amount of grace and love Lee extends to those who treated him with such disdain and scorn from those who should be showing Christ’s love to someone who was hurting and searching. Lee always assumes the best motives for these people, although the hurt they caused him is obvious. Although he eventually comes to the conclusion that he could be in a committed relationship with another man without violating the law of love, he accepts and supports those who disagree with him and believe they are called to celibacy. The other thing I didn’t expect from this book was how challenging it was to me. As someone who has spent my entire adult life quietly supporting LGBT rights, I felt like I was doing the right thing by not making too much noise. It was not my battle after all and how could I speak about things that I haven’t experienced.  Lee’s book challenged me to speak up more. He lists concrete ways the church can help support LGBT Christians, including those who believe in living in celibacy and those who believe they can have a committed relationship.

Most of all, he shows how much freedom and how difficult the higher law of love is. Love frees us from nitpicky rules (don’t touch, don’t taste) but also is much more challenging in some ways such as Jesus’ command that if we even hate our brother it is just as bad as murder.  It’s an excellent book and one that I walked away from hopeful and challenged.

If you or someone you know needs support in this area check out the Gay Christian Network at

Song of the Week:

Dreams by the Cranberries. I am a 90’s girl and this song was on one of the first secular albums I ever bought.


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