It’s Friday! January 24, 2014

Drink of the Week:

Dos Equis Amber I don’t always drink beer, and I don’t always drink this beer, but it was in the refigerator and so I did. It was good for a brand name beer. I miss my micro brewery though, but I will be enjoying Kassik’s tomorrow on my day off my diet.
Blog of the Week:

On Parenting Honey Badgers by Suzannah Paul. We are out of this phase now (and on to the blessings parenting  teenagers!) but I remember the struggle of parenting kids this age.

Song of the Week:

We have been listening to Skinny Love by Birdy for a couple years now, thanks to Denise introducing it to us. I guess it just hit the states. For once, we were ahead of the lower forty-eight!


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