It’s Friday! January 31, 2014

It’s the end of January and this month my blog has seen the highest traffic ever. Thanks for reading everyone and feel free to add your comments and questions as well.

Drink of the Week:
Chocolate White Ale by Kassik’s

I was skeptical at first due to the pale color of this brew, but it was surprisingly rich for it’s light color, not at all hoppy, and packed a punch at 9.3% alcohol. This is definitely a sipping brew and oh so delicious!

Blog of the Week:

Boy’s Can Be Anything They Want. Girls Can Be Princesses. by Ben Irwin. He talks about the blatant sexism in the Christian children’s book selections, which is something I have often noticed as well as the correlation with princesses and purity culture  inside the church.

Song of the Week:
The Decembereists- The Mariner’s Revenge Song – because it’s not everyday you hear an accordion in popular music and it’s even more rare to hear an entire story written in poetry and put into an eight minute song to accordion music. A little dark, I admit, but doesn’t it sound cheerful?


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