It’s Friday! March 21, 2014

I’m back! It’s taken two weeks for me to catch up from my two week vacation. Piles of laundry, emails, paperwork and beagles have taken up most of my spare time. By the time 7:00 roles around I am just concious enough to barely digest a couple of episodes of Elementary before falling in a dead sleep.

But I am now caught up enough to at least attempt a very negelected blog post. I have had a lot of ideas for future ones, I just haven’t had enough energy to write them. For now, here’s the week’s drink, book, and song.

Drink of the Week:

The Mai Tai

Mai Tai

I had never had one of these sweet, pinapple and rum concoctions until the flight to Hawaii when they offered a complementary one at the end of the flight. We drank them for the rest of the trip and even learned how to make them. They are a mixture of white rum, pinapple juice, mai tai mix (which is sugar cain and other flavors) and dark rum floated on top to make the sunset appearance.

Book of the Week:

Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber. I am a quarter of the way through this book and loving Bolz-Weber’s story of God’s grace in her life. She is a tatooed, recovering alcoholic (or as she likes to call it “sober drunk”), and has a vocabulary like a truck driver and is a Lutheren Pastor with a heart for sharing God’s grace to people who don’t fit the “Christian” mold.

Song of the Week:

Come Back Down by Greg Laswell- He doesn’t mince words when telling it like it is, while still singing  a beautiful song.


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