On My One Year Blogging Anniversary

I began this blog a year ago, the impetus being a year of reading Rachel Held Evans’ blog, an online debate that actually went pretty well, and my friend starting one. Over this last year I have learned that there is nothing like rising hits to make me question my punctuation choices, that disagreeing with my parents is terrifying and will put me in full on panic attack, that beginning sentences really do make a huge difference in catching people’s attention (Now It Get’s Personal),  my relatives are the most opinionated people I know and over the last year I am grateful to have gotten to know them much better, and everyone’s eighth grade picture is awkward it is a fabulous idea to put it out there on the internet where everyone can see it (This is What a Feminist Looks Like).

In all seriousness I have learned that people are far kinder than they appear on the broader internet (I have only gotten one really nasty comment and I monitored it),  I have a tendency to hold on to beliefs but forget the reasons I believe them (so this year has forced me to research like crazy), and I never know what is going to touch someone’s life.

Here are some notable posts from the last year:

My first post was Living in Community, a first post in a series about how we house share and the benefits we have found in living in community over the years.

My most popular post  was penned in a couple of minutes when I didn’t know what else to write about The Lesson of the Mismatched Plates.

My first poem published on this blog (also terrifying) was In the Beginning.  

The blog that went up in hits the fastest leading to suspect that a lot of people were lurking during a Facebook discussion around the blog post was Jesus, Paul, Modesty and Personal Responsibility.

And finally, the post that gets hits weekly but I suspect it’s not because people are looking for my blog is Statistics and Searches for “Free Nude Pics”.

Here’s to another year of learning, questioning and being terrified while blogging.





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