It’s Friday! May 23, 2014

Drink of the Week:

Blue Moon Farmhouse Red

Pretty good beer. Less sweet than an amber which I appreciate on hot days.


Blog of the Week:

Tullian Tchividjian Takes SGM and TGC to Task

I have been following the SGM abuse cover up for a couple of years now and have been amazed at how SGM leader and several board members at The Gospel Coalition have continued to stand with the leaders who failed to report child abuse and instead, purposefully covered it up and asked parents not to report either. I love that Tchividjian took a stand for the victims. If you want to follow some of the back and forth that has been going on use the hashtag Zach Hoag created #IstandwithSGMvictims

Heroes of the Week:

The brave firefighters who are battling two huge wildfires in our area.

Song of the Week:

Speaking of fire, here’s a  great song and amazing video. I hadn’t heard this one until I googled “songs about fire”.

Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros




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