It’s Friday! July 18, 2014

Drink of the Week:

So due to my elimination diet (Whole 30), I am not drinking alcohol, sugar, or fake sugar so I have had to be creative with my beverages. Here is a one that I have created with no sugar, no alcohol, but a lot of flavor:

Chilled Rasberry Zinger Tea- 1/2 glass

Sparkling Water – 1/2 glass

Juice from a lemon wedge

Pour over ice

It is just sweet enough to crush my sweet cravings and with the fizz, it is almost like soda minus the fake stuff.

Blog of the Week: 

They Took it Down by Samantha Field over at Defeating the Dragons.

I discovered Field’s blog this week and have found that her writing stretches the way that I think. She speaks with a clarity and authority that I enjoy. Even when I disagree with a point she makes, her blog challenges me think the issue through and take another look at my own assumptions. In They Took It Down, she discusses the movement to remove an article in Christianity Today written by a sex offender who blames his child victim. I will be exploring that story, along other’s experience, and a bit of my own story next week.

Song of the Week: 

The older I get the more I love Dolly Parton. She founded the Imagination Library which sends children a book a month from birth to when they enter kindergarten. This song is such a great duet between her and Kenny Rogers.


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