It’s Friday! August 29, 2014

I got to spend a lovely relaxing week with my parents who are on furlough from their work in Papua New Guinea. It was so much fun to shop, cook and watch TV with them and hear stories about their work, both the encouraging and the frustrating parts.

Drink of the Week:

 The Original House Wine – Cabernet Sauvignon 

It comes in a box, which makes me feel weird but I have to admit, it is not as pretty to put on your table as a bottle, but tastes just as good. 

Blog of the Week:

Seriously Serious. (My Night Undercover in the SE Asian Sex Trade) by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. Her eye witness account of what the amazing and brave rescuers have to do to continue to rescue children who are trafficked for the sex trade. She also gives an opportunity to give to one organization who helps stop this modern day slavery. 

Song of the Week:

As a tribute to my dear friends and roommates  who left me here in rainy Alaska to go attend a several day Dave Matthews Band concert in the Gorge in Washington (I’m not jealous at all… um ok that’s a lie…a big one), here is one of my favorite Dave Matthew Band songs. 

Mercy by the Dave Matthew’s Band


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