It’s Friday! October 31, 2014

I love Halloween, mostly because I love costumes. I have always been creative and had a vivid imagination and costumes are an expression of that. I enjoy passing out candy to the neighborhood kids because I enjoy seeing their costumes  and creativity too. When I was younger, we didn’t celebrate Halloween, but we would have harvest festivals with an option of  either Biblical character or a non-scary costume. It is interesting to me  that Halloween was banned  (and still is) in the more conservative Evangelical and Fundamentalist spheres, first, because it is a Christian holiday and second, because it is such as great time to be part of your community.

When I see signs on doors saying that the occupants do not give out candy because the holiday had occult roots (maybe-depends on which scholar you ask),  they are literally shutting their door on the community. They are being so righteous and separate that they refuse to hand out chocolate to little children in princess and ninja costumes. Seriously? Even when as a family we didn’t celebrate Halloween, we popped a big bowl of popcorn just in case our neighbors might trick-or treat. Another great outreach are Churches who throw festivals for the community children on Halloween.

I think Halloween is a good time to take stock of  who are we excluding. Jesus ate with tax collectors and prostitutes even when it was ruining his reputation and welcomed the little children even when his disciples thought he was too busy and important to be bothered with them. As imitators of him, we should at least humble ourselves enough to give out candy to trick or treaters or welcome the community into our churches.

Drink of the Week:

So I walked into the Oaken Keg looking for something I hadn’t tried before. I walked out with a Kodiak Brown Ale by Midnight Sun Brewing House which is an Anchorage Brewery. I would definitely try another beer from them. The Kodiak Brown was full flavored and not hoppy, which is generally what I am looking for in a beer.


Blog of the Week:

The Child I Didn’t Adopt  over at Scary Mommy is a heartbreaker written by a child protection worker.

Song of the Week:

Team by Lorde I have been on a big Lorde kick lately. I don’t care that she is super popular and seventeen. I love her sound. This is another of my favorite songs of hers.



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