Silencing Katie Hopkins’ Voice in My Head

file4671348049272While vacationing in January, I was  relaxing, watching TV and a TLC reality show, entitled “My Fat Story” came on. The show followed Katie Hopkins a radio and reality TV show personality, who some have called a “professional troll” .

Hopkins claimed that people who are overweight are just lazy, she would not hire them, she hated them,  and she denied any physical or psychological reason for weight gain other than “eating too much and not moving around enough”. To “prove” this point she made it her goal to gain weight for three months then lose it all in three months, just by eating less (about 1700 calories per day) and moving around more (walking an average of 10,000 steps per day and running an hour, three times per week until the last week when she increased her steps to 20,000). She woudn’t use nutritionists, gym memberships, or any fad diet to show that anyone could afford to lose weight and be thin if they just tried.

As a rational person, I know this was just a publicity stunt, her “proof” wasn’t based in science, and all that Hopkins was trying for was shock value and ratings. The problem is that her words agree with the voice inside my head which tells me that if I tried harder and starve more, I will be thin. Now that voice had a British accent and was a lot more nasty and sarcastic.

I watched her treat her body with disgust when she was at her heaviest and noticed she was thinner than I am. I heard her say that people would make fun of her when she ran because she was so fat. What I really should have done was turn off the television. I know the voice in my head that says that I am not good enough doesn’t need any encouragement. But I didn’t. I continued to watch and the voice got louder.

A month later, her voice full of lies is still in my head.

But I have a plan.

My plan is to drown out her voice by exposing  her lies, exploring the culture and industry of weight loss, and building body acceptance of the beauty and uniqueness of each one of us on my blog each Monday in March, April, and May.

My plan is to eat an average of 1700 calories a day and to walk an average of 10,000 steps and increasing to 20,000 steps the last month and to exercise for an hour three times a week, for three months just like she did, to show that just because people work hard, they won’t necessarily be thin.

If I complete this, I expect I might lose a little weight. I would be flabbergasted if I lost 32 pounds at the end of three months like she did, because I am not created that way. I don’t have a fast metabolism, I am naturally curvier, and have less of an athletic build than she does. I can be just as determined and work as hard, but the results will be different because we are different. My goal is not to lose weight. The goal is to show that each of us is unique, beautifully, wonderfully made and what is true for one individual may not be true for another.

I also hope that even if I don’t lose a single pound, I will still gain more self acceptance and slowly work on quieting that voice in my head, the one with the newly British accent.





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