Friday’s Back, Baby! March 13, 2015

Drink of the Week:

The incredibly helpful folks at Country Food’s Liquor recommended Dona Paula Malbec that the Flats has started carrying. It’s definitely a winner (but just about any Malbec is, IMHO).


Blog of the Week:

Apocalypse When? How I Grew U Afraid of the End of the World by Dianna E. Anderson.

This blog articulates exactly what the fear I felt about the “end of the world” growing up and how, instead of being motivated by fear, as a Christian I should be motivated by love.

Song of the Week:

Hozier “Take Me to Church”

I kept hearing this song on the radio and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was about, but I loved the sound. I sat down the other day and googled the lyrics and the music video and now I love this song even more!


One thought on “Friday’s Back, Baby! March 13, 2015

  1. “Take me to Church” is such a powerful song. Thinking of all the horrible acts of violence in Russia against homosexuality makes me really sad. I love that song, reminds people to fight the good fight against hate. ❤

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