It’s Friday! March 20, 2015

It’s the first day of spring and, I think for the first time ever since I have lived in Alaska, it feels like it. The temperature in Kenai was a balmy 50 degrees and I was wishing I had chosen to wear a t-shirt instead of a hoodie for my run.

Drink of the Week:

This is what I have been drinking this week because it packs a punch of energy and I have a lot of stuff to do. Next week, I am just going to amp up my coffee intake, since I am pretty sure that it will probably kill me from the amount of chemicals.

Blog of the Week:

Ten Reasons Ross Geller is the Worst by Dianna E. Anderson

Even though I love the show Friends, I have to agree with Dianna E. Anderson’s evaluation of the character Ross Geller. When I was younger, I thought the Rachel/Ross romance was cute, but as I get older I find agreeing with Denise, who is yelling at the screen for Rachel to run as fast as she can from him.

Song of the Week: 

Vance Joy “Riptide” has been running through my head all week. Good song. Weird Video.


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