It’s Friday! October 16, 2015

Drink of the Week:

Honeymoon Hefe by Kenai Brewing Company

The Duck has this on tap and I have been enjoying a couple of these and the empty bar on Sunday nights while my friends play pool.

Blog of the Week:

10 reasons

I keep seeing this meme on Facebook, titled “10 Reasons A Pastor Quit Attending Sports Events”. It is supposed to point out that no one would stop going to sporting events because of these silly reasons but many people supposedly stop going to church because of similar reasons. What is ironic is many of the items that are listed are the actual reasons that I don’t go to sporting events (such as the bleachers being too hard, the people being not friendly, they ask for money, and I attended way to many sporting events growing up), but none of them were even similar to the reasons I stopped attending church for about two years from about 2006-2008. Samantha Field delves into the heartbreaking reasons many people really stop attending church, and how people are even more hurt by the belittling of those reasons in her blog The Not-So-Ridiculous Reasons People Leave Church.

Song of the Week:

Brandi Carlisle Rocks! I love her powerful, soulful voice in The Story. It is the type of song I love to sing (badly) when I am alone in the car.


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