It’s Friday! October 23, 2015

Drink of the Week:

Barrel Aged Statny Stany by Kassik’s Brewery, limited run and only available at the brewery. Miranda was insistent that she be in the picture.

Blog(s) of the Week:

These are three solid blogs about different aspects of why a “certificate of purity” signed by a bride’s gynecologist and presented to her father is an incredibly sexist, hurtful, and a wildly inaccurate determination of purity.

Homeschoolers anonymous posted What do Certificates of Purity Communicate to Sexual Assault Survivors

Spiritual Sounding Board posted Let’s Make Jesus Famous Hype About Her Hymen

And Jade T. Perry Posted On Benevolent Sexism & Purity PR

Song of the Week:

Get Ready to Get Down by Josh Ritter.


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