It’s Friday! November 6, 2015

Drink of the Week:

Crush by Dave Matthews (no, I didn’t mix up the song and the drink this week. I actually can’t believe I haven’t featured Crush yet, since it is the most often wine opened in our house. It is a solid red wine blend but isn’t too sweet.

Blog of the Week:

One of my friends and an awesome adoptive mother is posting about adoption every day through the month of November to celebrate adoption month and also collecting new duffle bags and backpacks for kids in foster care so their belongings don’t have to be put in trash bags when they move. How awesome is that! This was her first post of the month and it was amazingly spot on.

Rethinking Some Common Foster Care Concerns by Jason Johnson

Song of the Week:

Home” by Phillip Phillips

So… I googled “adoption songs” and was surprised to find “Home” on everyone’s list, but when I re-listened to the lyrics to this incredibly familiar song, it all made sense.


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