It’s Friday! November 20, 2015

Drink of the Week:

The Kraken  Black Spiced Rum.

This is one of my brother Joshua’s favorite drinks and I love a good rum and coke made from it.


Blog of the Week:

Not All Comps by Nate Sparks. Nate explores the how much of a role does the idea of Complementarianism have in the abuse of women. He asks “At what point does defense of an idea become complicity in the abuses inherent to that ideology?” and :” At what point does allowing the voices of the afflicted to be silenced to preserve our own comfort and privilege become an active participation in silencing them?”   His article is filled with links with some shocking statements from a lot of very popular mega preachers.


Song of the Week:

“Cry” by James Blunt. I know I usually post a video, but this song is so beautiful and perfect for what I am feeling this week, I figured you could just close your eyes and imagine your own music video.



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