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  1. Hi, I found your blog I’m not sure if you were aware but I’m the mother of the boy who was sexually assaulted by a member from our former church. Ken Ramey didn’t tell me not to contact the police or not receive medical attention for my son. He wasn’t in a position to do so since I had already contacted the police immediately after it happened. Also my son is developmentally delayed not disabled. He is dyslexic in which he was emotionally younger than his age. If you wouldn’t mind making corrections on your blog I would appreciate it very much. Thank you by the way for posting the link to his story.

  2. Sorry it took me awhile to get back here Jessica. Thank you thank you. You are so sweet! We just have each other and the online community who have been supportive. Other then that Ken Ramey still accuses my child of being responsible for his own abuse by accusing him of being a homosexual. I’m hoping more people post on the google reviews about lakeside bible church. So far there are several posts there by former members. Not good ones by the way.

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